Analytical Chemistry Consultancy

Drawing on 30 years of experience in Pharmaceutical research, we can advise on the application of Analytical Chemistry in support of drug discovery in the following areas:

  • Support for synthetic chemistry
    • Advice on all aspects of LC/MS and LC/MS/MS, compound purification, SFC and chiral analysis/purification
  • Compound QC and CofA
  • Physical Chemistry assays
    • Solubility
    • Stability
    • Lipophilicity
    • Formulation Screening
  • In vitro ADME assays
    • PAMPA
    • Metabolic stability
    • CYP inhibition
    • PPB
    • Metabolite ID

Further, we can fully support development of analytical strategy, staff resources and capital investment planning such as key equipment and technique choices for the laboratory as well as leading recruitment, on-boarding and the on-going training of personnel.

In-sourcing or consultancy to set up methods in your laboratory can also include bespoke software that can be further developed to fit your workflows.

External Study Management

  • Selection of appropriate partners for ADME and Bioanalysis
  • Take care of the admin (quotes, PWOs etc)
  • Liaise with CROs to ensure delivery within agreed timelines compatible with screening cycles
  • Check raw and processed data and calculations for Quality and Accuracy including calibration and batch control data
  • Audit final reports for accuracy
  • Advise on acceptability/reliability of data and any need for repeats

Physico-chemical Assays

We offer the following range of key assays to assess the physical properties of molecules.

  • LogD*
    • Chromatographic method
      • Carefully controlled pH using phosphate buffer
      • Highly reproducible isocratic method
      • High Throughput
      • Range 0-6
  • Solubility
    • Kinetic
    • Thermodynamic
  • Chemical Stability
  • PAMPA*
    • Corning (BD Gentest) System
    • Excellent correlation with human absorption and CACO-2 data

*Validation data available on request

Analytical Training

On-site training of individuals or groups in analytical system operation and optimisation as well as advanced analytical techniques.

Typically delivered to complement vendor training or to raise the general level of knowledge of inexperienced and/or non-expert analytical system users.

Training courses can be backed-up by on-line phone and email support services to ensure continued success with analytical systems and methods as well as to support the longer-term development of in-house skills and competencies.

All training courses can be heavily customised to exactly match customer needs, or indeed completely written to order.

Discovery Workflows

Compound Management

Comprehensive consultancy on strategies, systems and resources for efficient storage, tracking and retrieval of solid and solution compound collections including:

  • Workflow processes from synthesis to assay designed to drive down screening cycle times
  • Advice on appropriate automation strategies and instrumentation

Working closely with our software partner, Niels Waleson, our proven experience of successfully designing, specifying and delivering highly effective software solutions for various Pharmaceutical companies allows us to offer bespoke software with features including:

  • Comprehensive sample tracking
  • Assay request system
    • Status tracking
  • Integration with Open Access, QC and ADME data
    • Data processing and calculation
  • Interfacing with Analytical systems (e.g. for QC or ADME sample lists)

Automated Data Management

Tailored CRO data packages that meet your database needs through standard templates and software support from sample to database

The solutions developed for your laboratory are delivered with a full staff user-training package as well as on-going support services.

Referrals and Testimonials

Discovery Analytical Consulting - Peter Ridgway - Testimonial.jpg

“I worked with Mark for nearly two years whilst he successfully built the analytical function in my department from scratch. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and able to communicate effectively, both with colleagues and upwards within the organisation, inspiring a vision in senior management.

I heartily recommend Mark to you and your organisation.”

 - Dr Paul Edwards, Director of Chemistry


I worked with Mark for one year with great pleasure. Mark set up the analytic lab at Galapagos and all the ADME bioanalysis.

 - Christel Menet, CSO at Confo Therapeutics, Brussels, Belgium


“Mark is a skilled professional who rapidly responds to the demands of his clients.
His technical skills proved a match for those challenges which came in his direction.

His organizational skills allowed him to achieve high levels of productivity. His interpersonal skills allowed him to work effectively with a cross section of colleagues.

He was considered a genuine asset to the group.”

 - Graeme Dykes, Experienced Medicinal Chemist