Pharmaceutical R&D is predominantly quantitative in nature and data intensive. In Discovery, effective management of data across many projects with thousands or millions of compounds and a massive diversity of assays and data types is a key to success. DAC works with the following partners to satisfy the informatics needs throughout the discovery life cycle.

Collaborative Drug Discovery

DAC is proud to be working alongside Collaborative Drug Discovery as a member of their Advocate programme for the CDD Vault informatics platform.

Collaboration is the essence of drug discovery and data its currency. The value of high quality data management tools to enable successful drug discovery can not be over-stated: From the fundamental organisation of data to ensure its ready accessibility whenever it is needed to the meaningful visualisation of data to provide the clarity of information that leads to its better understanding and which in turn underpins effective decision making.

Everyone works for teams or projects and these may be internal, cross-site or with external partner organisations such that the need for seamless data sharing is greater than it has ever been if projects are to be run effectively to a successful conclusion.

CDD Vault is a complete platform for drug discovery informatics hosted through an intuitive web interface.  It helps project teams manage, analyse, and present chemical structures and biological assay data.

There is literally nothing to install and the ease of set up means that you will be up and running immediately. It is very easy to learn with excellent online help which I can personally vouch for! Getting data into the Vault is simple thanks to its clear mapping interface and visualisation tools support its clear interpretation and subsequent export.

Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, CDD Vault is suitable for any size of organisation where it can support all your informatics needs or indeed run alongside and complement existing informatics software. It is equally suitable for industrial and academic users, including not-for-profit organisations and CDD can be justifiably proud of its record in supporting charity organisations in their fight against rare diseases. Certainly, it is the perfect platform to support Open Innovation.

So, in summary. CDD Vault features include:

  • Easy Onboarding 
  • Powerful 
  • Built for Teams 
  • Built for Chemists and Biologists 
  • 100% Secure 
  • Affordable

We look forward to meeting and working with many of you as members of the growing CDD community over the coming months and years.

Free Trial

For further information including a demo and/or a free trial of CDD Vault, please contact me below.

The Edge Software Consultancy

We work closely with The Edge software consultancy to deliver innovative solutions that focus on research productivity while supporting new business models for networked R&D. The BioRails family of products goes well beyond the capabilities of most data management systems and actively supports the activities of laboratory scientists to help them organise, plan and execute their work. Integrated modules for data management, ELN, sample and assay request management are customised for seamless support of your workflows. The overall result is good for training and compliance with experimental procedures leading to better quality data with less errors and less need for repeats.

The BioRails platform is made up of a set of modules which can be used together or in isolation:

  • BioRails PTO (Project Tracking and Optimization) has been designed to address the strategic need to track and monitor high level project progress with a solution for the tactical demands of delivering results to project teams in the most efficient and resource effective way. Project leaders can monitor progress of their requests and track the overall status of the research cascade. Smooth transition of requests and tasks between different teams and individuals reduces the overall time for decision making increasing productivity and efficiency of the overall process.
  • BioRails DM is a comprehensive laboratory information management system designed to address a range of workflow driven research activities including
    • Screening
    • In vivo Pharmacology
    • Safety toxicology
    • Translational research
    • Bioanalytical testing
  • BioRails ELN supports capture of unstructured information within the same organisational structure as results. It delivers an Electronic Laboratory Notebook enabling biologists to record scientific observations and conclusions alongside structured data and to prepare and publish reports to the wider scientific community.
  • Morphit is a new spreadsheet technology used to handle multi-dimensional data. Morphit is designed specifically to deal with complex high dimensional problems. It works hand-in-hand with BioRails where Morphit provides the flexibility to deal with the changing nature of biological studies and simplifies the process of capturing and analysing study data.

Further Information

For further information regarding these solutions and how we can help to support your research programmes, please contact me below.