Analytical Chemistry Consultancy

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in Pharmaceutical research, we can fully support development of strategy, conduct operational reviews and advise on the application of Analytical Chemistry and Purification in support of compound discovery in the following areas:

  • Support for synthetic chemistry

    • Advice on all aspects of LC/MS

    • Method screening

    • Purification

    • Chiral separations

  • Compound QC

  • Physical Chemistry assays

  • ADME assays

  • Natural Product Research

    • Use of QToF mass spectrometry

    • Use of Progenesis QI software

    • Molecular Networking

The support provided can be consultative or as hands-on as you wish.

Comprehensive advice can be given on appropriate systems and software for sample submission, tracking and reporting for all sizes of organisation based on a wealth of personal experience in this area. We are also familiar with modern software tools for effective project and process management.

Operational Reviews of Analysis and Purification Teams

These are highly customisable according to specific needs, size and type of organisation (pharma, biotech, CRO) but typically involve an assessment of current fitness for purpose while looking forward to the next 2-5 years.

The initial phase of the review will focus on current structure, tasks and responsibilities including relationships with all internal and external stakeholders. An analysis of current resources including personnel, instrumentation, infra structure, data management processes and methodologies will identify current strengths and deficiencies. Attention will be paid to the importance of staff development.

The second phase involves looking forward to predicted future needs as the company expands in size or in the scope of its activities. This will identify any new capabilities that are required, how to support increases in capacity as well as identifying any capabilities that may not be required in house. In short, an overall strategy for the future success of the Team will be developed.

A full report will be produced with clear recommendations for ongoing levels of resource, capital investment, organisational structure, staffing levels and capabilities to support an appropriate range of activities at the required capacity. Detailed advice on specific methodologies or processes will be included where it will be useful.

Follow-up consultancy can include supporting recruitment, on-going training of laboratory personnel and high level advice for Management.

The Human Factor

One thing that often emerges out of these exercises is that, in addition to a focus on the scientific and technical aspects, it is also important to pay attention to more human factors (communication, organisational relationships etc) as well as on working practices and workflow planning.

Compound Management

Comprehensive consultancy on strategies, systems and resources for efficient storage, tracking and retrieval of solid and solution compound collections including:

  • Workflow processes from synthesis to assay designed to drive down screening cycle times

  • Advice on appropriate automation strategies and instrumentation

Referrals and Testimonials

Discovery Analytical Consulting - Peter Ridgway - Testimonial.jpg

“I worked with Mark for nearly two years whilst he successfully built the analytical function in my department from scratch. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and able to communicate effectively, both with colleagues and upwards within the organisation, inspiring a vision in senior management.

I heartily recommend Mark to you and your organisation.”

 - Dr Paul Edwards, Director of Chemistry


“I worked with Mark for one year with great pleasure. Mark set up the analytic lab at Galapagos and all the ADME bioanalysis.”

 - Christel Menet, CSO at Confo Therapeutics, Brussels, Belgium


“Mark is a skilled professional who rapidly responds to the demands of his clients.
His technical skills proved a match for those challenges which came in his direction.

His organizational skills allowed him to achieve high levels of productivity. His interpersonal skills allowed him to work effectively with a cross section of colleagues.

He was considered a genuine asset to the group.”

 - Graeme Dykes, Experienced Medicinal Chemist