Discovery Analytical Consulting Ltd is proud to support the Caliber suite of products for Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical and other regulated industries, including the flagship product CaliberLIMS, throughout the UK and Ireland.

Driven by Caliber's vision of integrated quality management, they have developed their Product Suite with Single Sign-on capability including:


CaliberLIMS Laboratory Information Management

CaliberLIMS is a browser based LIMS whose comprehensive functionality addresses all laboratory needs making it an ideal Pharma LIMS solution for complete Quality Control automation. Stringent Quality by design, international standards adherence and trusted support have resulted in Caliber winning the confidence of multi-facility pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

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CaliberQAMS Quality Assurance Management

Quality systems dominate the scene of Pharma operations. QA teams face huge challenges with change management complexities and multiple, tightly inter connected implementation practices like CAPA. CaliberQAMS offers you a highly configurable, workflow driven process automation with 21CFR Part 11 and cGMP compliance. Its unique process of addressing the configuration needs makes it quick to implement, mimicking the current formats and workflow, thereby reducing training needs and process changes. Its pre-validated central framework reduces validation efforts during and after its implementation.

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CaliberBRM Batch Record Management

CaliberBRM is the solution if you are a QA or Production Manager frustrated with error prone manual systems of documentation with no ability to detect and / or prevent re-works and non-compliances in your department. CaliberBRM  organizes, controls and automates the entire Batch Records Management process in a regulated industry like Pharmaceuticals, where meticulous batch records need to be maintained. It provides an innovative automation solution right from systematic and structured organization of documents to fully automated on-line product documentation. Implementing CaliberBRM results in big savings in otherwise voluminous paperwork, time and effort, and reworks due to human errors.

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CaliberDMS  Electronic Document Management

In any business, critical business information lies in documents. CaliberDMS comes with dynamic integration possibilities with other enterprise applications to manage cGMP compliance. Configurable e-forms add great value to Quality Assurance processes and automating workflow related processes. CaliberDMS helps you create a single centralized repository of all your electronic documentation and features such as version control, access control and audit trails make it the perfect system for regulatory compliant document management.

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Nichelon5 CMS Competency Management

Competency Management is a key business success factor and a systematic planned approach to it will yield improvements in business performance. In the Life Sciences industry, it is a regulatory requirement to train each staff member to perform his or her role. Nichelon5 CMS is built on cutting-edge technology to manage the complete training lifecycle of the work force according to GMP requirements. Comprehensive functionality, easy to manage workflows and a high level of configurability are some key features of Nichelon5 that help companies to plan and execute training programs in ways that suit the role and responsibility of each team member.

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Caliber Product Suite

Caliber’s flagship product, CaliberLIMS has been part of critical pharma operations in laboratories all over the world for over a decade. Stringent Quality by design, international standards adherence and trusted support have resulted in Caliber winning the confidence of multi-facility pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Driven by Caliber's vision of integrated quality management, Caliber Product Suite is the perfect combination of all that you need for your Laboratory to perform to its maximum capability. It has been put together to deliver the highest ROI and greatest compliance. The well-designed products are fully supported by their team of experts to make sure you don’t need to worry about meeting GxP regulations or quality requirements.

Discover a whole new world of possibilities with Caliber Product Suite...

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Caliber QPyramid-PQR

Product Quality Review is extremely important for any pharmaceutical company and becomes essential if it is exporting to US or Europe.

CaliberQPyramid goes beyond the basic regulatory requirements and provides users with ready-on-demand analytics for crucial functions which promotes a culture of continuous, ongoing Product Quality Review.

Caliber APQR is an analytical reporting engine with a built in data warehouse which combines information from Quality sources such as LIMS, Quality Assurance Systems, Batch Records, SOPs, analytical instruments, SAP or other ERPs, external files such as excel or an API. The data from these sources is extracted with an audit trail. The cleansed data is then arranged in Data-Marts with an access layer though which the users can view Department Analytics for each division. The relevant PQR data is collated in a data warehouse as a repository. A state of the art reporting tool enables the user to build their own cubes, drilldown reports etc.

It is a highly sustainable reporting tool as it is built exactly as per the needs and long-term goals of the companies in the pharma industry. It adheres to 21CFR part 11 guidelines. Its architecture enables it to store large volumes of data and its structure helps to render any complex report within little time. It is configurable wherein any APQR template can be built and used.

Applying appropriate critical analysis and interpretation of PQR will ensure potential product quality issues are not neglected and brand and financial risks (possible product recalls) are limited.

Thus, Caliber QPyramid helps drug manufacturers to generate important reports and helps to:

  • Verify the consistency of existing manufacturing processes
  • Determine the quality and process defects of products
  • Identify possible improvements to methods and processes
  • Analyse the trends of yield and analytical results of every batch
  • Highlight manufacturing parameters of products
  • Review the quality of raw materials and packaging material
  • Monitor in-process parameters

CaliberQPyramid-PQR is a system that can help sustain the quality of products in a consistent manner to ensure minimal waste of time, effort and energy.