Welcome to Discovery Analytical Consulting

Based in Cambridge, UK we offer a unique set of consulting services and in-sourced support for Analytical and Purification Chemistry in both Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product-based drug discovery.

With over 30 years of experience working for Pharma, Biotech and CROs globally, we have a deep insight into different companies' practices, technologies and cultures that we can leverage to enhance your workflows and infrastructure. This can be provided via short term consultancy or longer term in-house working arrangements.


Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in building high performing Analytical Teams from scratch, including development of the necessary infrastructure, technical training and on-going management of these teams to deliver key products and services essential to the successful execution of projects.

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Areas of Expertise

We have applied our expertise in Separation Science to many aspects of Drug Discovery including supporting key functions such as Medicinal Chemistry, physico-chemical measurement, ADME screening, Bioanalysis and Compound Management.

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About Mark

Mark has worked for a variety of Leading Global Pharmaceutical Research Companies including AstraZeneca (UK), Galapagos NV (Belgium) and Takeda (UK).  

In addition, in 2000 he co-founded CombiPure, a CRO focussed on Combinatorial Chemistry services.

Mark also has significant people management and leadership experience at senior levels which ensures rapid understanding and alignment with your corporate goals and priorities for the lab functions supported. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) and a committee member for the UK Chromatographic Society.


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Referrals and Testimonials

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“I have been interacting with Mark for over 9 years. It has always been a client / vendor relationship during his time with Takeda.

What strikes you very quickly with Mark is that you are dealing with a very talented scientist.
His knowledge and abilities in the fields of analytical science, chromatography and mass spec are very much in the upper echelons of the client base I have interacted with in the last 9 years.

Every aspect of supporting drug discovery is covered in Mark’s abilities. He provides a very comprehensive solution.  
Another element of Mark’s professional approach is his willingness to embrace new or cutting edge technology. On numerous occasions we have discussed his plans to utilise new technology to make his areas of his responsibility deliver more efficiently. He is not set in his ways and strives to improve performance and productivity. His openness to work differently is very clear.

It is therefore a very simple task to recommend Mark. I am in no doubt that he would add significant value to any drug discovery type organization.”

 - Peter Ridgway, Director at Reach Separations, Nottingham, UK